What are BOLD chats?

BOLD Chats are Facebook live-streamed interviews featuring brass players who represent the community in inspiring ways. Our guests are strong supporters of Brass Out Loud's mission to create a more diverse and inclusive community in the brass world.  All BOLD Chats archived on our Facebook page and Youtube channel. 

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Check out our BOLD Chats!

BOLD Chat #1 with Founders: Rebecca Karu, Kate Amrine & Melissa Muñoz
BOLD Chat #2 with Carol Jantsch
BOLD Chat #3 with Kiku Collins
BOLD Chat #4 with Martin McCain
BOLD Chat #5 with Brianne Borden
BOLD Chat #6
with Nicole Abissi

BOLD Chat #7 with Billy Hunter
BOLD Chat #8 with John Rojak
BOLD Chat #9 with Rodney Marsalis
BOLD Chat #10 with Hugo Valverde
BOLD Chat #11 with Anne McNamara
BOLD Chat #12 with Stanford Thompson
BOLD Chat #13 with Myles Blakemore